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This is a Thin Client.

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Thin Clients are not a new technology. In fact, when it comes to the corporate world, they’re actually one of the oldest forms of office computing technology, offering a simple and elegant solution with client terminals connecting to a central server.

Discover the Thin Client Advantage.


The adoption of Personal Computers in the workplace during the late 80’s and early 90’s heralded a huge cost increase as replacement parts and service were constantly in demand, and the ranks of corporate IT departments swelled. Most alarmingly however, power consumption increased dramatically, as individual resource-heavy PC’s sucked up more and more juice, in turn generating an enormous amount of heat for already overworked air-conditioning systems to contend with.

Thin Clients Can Help Your Business….Here’s How.

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Imagine a world with fewer repairs, a leaner and more efficient IT department, and lower power bills. Now imagine a ThinClient capable of providing all of this, at a quarter of the price of comparable devices. We know, it sounds like a dream. Awaken to the reality. The MiniPoint Ethernet, MiniPoint USB, and WeeClient Plus all provide the computing experience you’re accustomed to, but without the hefty costs associated with similar thin or zero client solutions. Contact us for more information. We’ll show you what you never knew you always needed.

Multimedia Applications

For those in the market for something a little more flashy, 4k video walls are now only a mouse click away, thanks to the MiniPoint system and Userful. A clean and easy to use interface takes the power and brilliance of 4k video from your fingertips, onto a wall of up to 25 HD displays. Adjustable monitor configurations and optional software enhancements allow for the creation of stunning works of art.

The Video Wall can be configured in a single video wall or multiple, smaller video walls. The solution supports 4k video, 6k HTML5, 3D, Flash content, and even up to 16K resolution for images. The drag and drop browser configuration makes it easy for anyone to set up and manage the video wall. The display configuration options extend from standard grid formats to eye-catching artistic designs.

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