Digital signage visual attractiveness is a huge factor that significantly influences the buying decision of consumers. Digital media is booming across all mediums.

Source: Internet

Source: Internet

1- 63% of people say that digital signage attracts your attention, according to A Rich Media Technologies Reseach.

This percentage is greater than any other traditional media, like broadcast TV channels, radio stations, and newspapers.

2- 84% of UK retailers believe that digital signage is the most efficient way to strengthen their brands.

Digital media can take the “face” of a company. British retailers think that a digital signage immersive experience in stores is an effective way of branding, according to Samsung.

Dynamic programming that intensifies your messages and your company, You create clearer communication with your customers.

3- 42% of people who consume digital media prefer to buy in those stores.

Undeniably, immersion with the brand is much higher in establishments that use digital displays.

A Global VAC survey found that 42% of people who say they are consuming retailer’s videos choose to buy in places that use digital signage on the sales floor. When given a choice, consumers skip

establishments that have the same product but do not use digital signage.

4- Approximately 30% of diners feel influenced by digital menus.

A great tip for restaurants, especially fast food establishment. Eclipse Media discovered that 29.5% of customers are influenced by digital display menus over traditional printed ones, which are static and dull. Digital signage is an efficient way to upsell and sell a new product.

5- More than 60% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale.

Search Advisium points this out. The savvy retailer should invest in modern and attractive to display their products.  A few digital displays at the point of sale area, your customers can compare similar goods and see what’s on sale.

6- Ads at the point of sales area may increase by more than 30% of the final purchase.

Digital displays throughout the store help consumers. Digital screens show products of interest and reduce the perception of long lines. All of this and your company can earn up to 31.8% increase in sales volume, according to InfoTrends.

Source here:  ABMOOH

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