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ThinGlobal’s Simple Video Wall Solution: 10 Tips to Create a Video Wall

Source: There are many ways to plan and create a video wall. Here are a few: Some video wall vendors add an extra video card to the PC ( server). This additional card is used as a controller for the video wall. Other video wall controllers are built on proprietary hardware with multiple built-in video [...]

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When do you need a video wall controller?

Source: Digital Signage Today - By Tim Griffin, Founder and CTO, Userful There are many approaches to drive video walls. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Video wall controllers are required when a customer needs more power and flexibility behind their video wall. They used to be a substantial cost component of the video wall, but have recently [...]

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How to Choose a Video Wall

Video walls are arrays of high quality commercial or professional grade monitor screens placed together to create a larger screen. Video walls can have many different sizes, applications, configurations and displays, including LCD, LED, blended projection screens, rear projection screens (DLP), mosaic tiles and direct view LED panels, just to name a few. At [...]

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Video Wall Product Comparison

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7 reasons that your business needs to invest in digital signage.

Digital signage visual attractiveness is a huge factor that significantly influences the buying decision of consumers. Digital media is booming across all mediums. Source: Internet 1- 63% of people say that digital signage attracts your attention, according to A Rich Media Technologies Reseach. This percentage is greater than any other traditional media, [...]

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Where to put your digital signage?

1- The first step is to purchase innovative hardware and software Many companies hide ordinary computers behind screens to create digital signage. It will not only limit the places where you can place your digital advertising, now you have to conceal a whole computer. Many systems require software adjustments.  A screen in the lobby [...]

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Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016: JOIN US!

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Take a look at these 10 samples of amazing artistic video wall and get inspired!

Video wall can be more than some screens installed together. It can be WALL ART! Take a look at these 10 samples of amazing artistic video wall and get inspired! Your home decor: At your company: [...]

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Meet ThinGlobal!

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IT Market Trends and its consequences

The most noticeable and significant trends in the technology market are declining prices. True for years, but recently the trend seems to be accelerating. Major brand-name manufacturers are creating systems with amazing specifications: more power, more speed, more memory, more disk storage space, all at incredible prices. The faster technology evolves, the lower the prices. [...]

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