ThinGlobal is an American based company, affiliated with ThinNetworks in Brazil. A company focused on developing quality solutions to technology by cost reduction and sustainable green methods.

ThinNetworks’ first company was founded back in the 1980’s as a consulting-oriented value-added reseller (VAR). It became a reseller to fill the market’s need for high-end servers. Their emphasis on service and support differentiate itself from its expensive competitors. From this experience, ThinNetworks Group found a niche. As an economical computer solution distributor. Then, later becoming a developer and manufacturer.

ThinNetworks are a unique association of global companies focused on developing IT cost reduction solutions. It was the first company in Brazil to develop innovative products such as the MultiSeat and create Thin Client markets. Their solutions, drastically, reduce acquisition, maintenance and electrical consumption costs (TCO-Total Cost of Ownership).

ThinNetworks distributes their products through a chain of 3,000 representatives in the domestic marketplace in Brazil. Some of the products are manufactured and distributed by LCE Tecnologia. Another company founded and owned in 2008, with the same partners and founders Luiz Ferreira and Eliane Lignelli.

Seeing the tremendous success made in their homeland, and recognizing the enormous potential abroad, in 2010, they made the trip to America. They opened the door of their newest venture, ThinGlobal.


The ThinGlobal mission is to provide sustainable, high-quality products at reasonable prices, respecting and preserving the environment, and creating an opportunity for a majority number of people to obtain access to technology.


ThinGlobal believes that clients can buy technology devices as plug-in appliances and save money on maintenance, support, and management, particularly nowadays when the “cloud” is the new storage space.

Our experience indicates that users are looking for reasonable pricing.  They are making purchase decisions based on efficiency and ease tech support services.

Customers are concerned about price and quality because maintaining technology assets can quickly become very expensive. It is the relation between product purchase versus maintenance costs that will lead to successful results. What matters is the amount invested in maintaining your devices working properly over time, not only how much you have spent in purchasing the technology.


ThinGlobal’s intentions are to become a national reference as a sustainable, cost-effective solution developer and distributor. We work with a team of qualified and committed experts creating innovative and quality products. We develop high-performance solutions and pursue transparency in our relationship with customers and partners.


ThinGlobal products have a successful track record with major companies.* One of our the most distinguished achievements of the ThinNetworks Group was the incredible contribution to the digital inclusion in the Brazilian public education.  A part of the National Educational Technology Program (ProInfo) created by the Ministry of Education, ThinNeworks Group, has been promoting the use of desktop stations for public education labs.

*As shown in some of our Case Studies (visit).


The ThinNetworks company founded in 1986. The company first focused its activities in the IT consulting market. However, in 1999, after an enormous growth opportunity for the Client/Server solution, the company foresaw a successful business offering desktop solutions.  At the time, the only available options for business was a PC (Personal Computer).  A high cost of about $2,500.00 per computer, particularly expensive for growing companies that needed tens, hundreds or even thousands of PCs.*

*According to Gartner Group research, the cost of a PC per year for a company was around USD 2,500.00.

The first solution launched by ThinNetworks was the MultiSeat, which was available for both Windows and Linux users. Years of experience, an innovative approach, and respect from its partners led the company to become the leader in MultiSeat solutions in Brazil, with more than 2,000,000 stations installed.

Today, the ThinNetworks Group is the reference to thin clients, digital signage products, developers, and manufacturers.  Many other cost-effective products added to the company’s portfolio. ThinGlobal never forgets the motto: “saving money with quality.” Our solutions enable any organization to have the best-in-class technology at unmatched value for money.