The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) of Pará is the public agency responsible for transit policy in the region. The seat of the organization is located in the capital, where even decentralized, focuses the demands of municipalities throughout the coming State Agencies jurisdictions Regional Transit (Ciretrans).


Due to the great demand for care, public administration agency chose to expand the computer sharing solution (multiterminals) in the areas of municipal service, multiplying technology already deployed in Bethlehem. With the creation of Ciretrans agencies, the department needed to decentralize, but being careful to keep all information linked. Thus, we opted for the multi-terminal solution.


In 2009, the authorized reseller of ThinNetworks, the Data Consulting, implemented 64 workstations. The Traffic Department of Pará recorded a strong cost savings when deployed solutions. After the first successful experience with multiterminals, the agency decided to expand the number of stations and chose to acquire another 120 new stations.


Multiterminal or multi-station is a system that allows simultaneous access by multiple users to a single computer, dividing all machine resources, independently and simultaneously. What provides cost savings, space and investment in maintenance. By adding monitor, keyboard, and mouse to each station, the user will have custom workspace, own password and use autonomously applications.

The multi-terminal solution is applicable in schools, corporate environments, computer labs, call centers, cyber cafes and etc.


  • Reduction in investments on new computers;
  • Reduction in energy consumption;
  • Reduction in 120 CPUs that no longer produce technological waste in the near future;
  • Reduction in support effort because it will be 120 CPU’s less maintenance;
  • Reduction in network 120 points that need not be implemented in the logical network;
  • Reduction in the acquisition of 120 nobreaks generating a strong reduction in investment;
  • Reduction in cubic meters of furniture, ceasing to occupy space ..

This is yet another success story in the correct use of public resources where you can get the desired results with significant reduction of public investment, promoting Green IT without prejudice to the services provided to the population.