In 1968, with extensive experience in building materials and great enthusiasm, the Rao brothers felt prepared for the opening of a business in society itself. Rezende was when the deposit was born in the satellite city of Sobradinho, Distrito Federal.

With 43 years in the market, winning credibility and trust with its customers and suppliers, in October 2003, Rao decided to unify the two Sobradinho stores in one place, giving rise to the Home Center Rezende. Are 4000 square meters of showroom and twenty thousand products for home and construction, a modern and spacious environment to meet the growing demand for materials and services.


In order to provide an excellent service to its customers, Rao saw the need to invest in the acquisition of modern facilities and technology solutions that allow a call with utmost professionalism and efficiency both in the new store as the others.

With the advice of resale Sialtech Informatics, partner Rezende since 1995 solutions have been deployed thin clients, manufactured and distributed exclusively by ThinNetworks

Solution used

Thin clients act as CPUs, but do not have the need to store location information, causing the operating system and other software are centralized and processed on a server. This makes it possible to obtain better control the actions performed by the user on the workstation, while reducing the cost of electricity, hardware maintenance and software for each workstation. This solution is aimed at applications such as internet browsing, word processors, spreadsheets, emails and presentations. All segment with the best performance.


Altogether there are three units in the Federal District and one in Posse-GO using Thin Client solutions. 40 Thin Clients units were deployed between TC and TC-Net M-Flash.

The thin client solution is used by 90% of the 242 employees of the Home Center Rezende.


Energy saving and the purchase of UPS, in addition to better control the use of resources and reducing the cost of maintenance of computers, were one of the main benefits observed by Rao who is “fully satisfied with the solutions ThinNetworks” as revealed Edson Rezende, director of network Home Center Rezende.

The Rao uses ThinNetworks solutions since March 2010


  • Baixo investimento inicial;
  • Baixo custo de administração de TI;
  • Facilidade de proteção e gerenciamento de rede;
  • Baixo custo de hardware;
  • Menor custo para licenciamento de softwares;
  • Baixo consumo de energia;
  • Não desperta interesse dos ladrões, diminuindo risco de furto;
  • Resistência a ambientes hostis;
  • Menor dissipação de calor para o ambiente (economia com ar condicionado);
  • Não possui ruídos (ao contrário dos PCs);
  • Manutenção muito baixa;
  • Possui maior vida útil, gerando menos lixo eletrônico.