The Unimed is the largest cooperative medical system in the world work and also the largest health care network in Brazil, present in 83% of the country. The system was born with the founding of Unimed Santos (SP) by Dr. Edmundo Castilho in 1967, and today consists of 360 medical cooperatives, providing assistance to over 19 million customers across the country.


Unimed has a network of more than 110,000 active physicians, 106 hospitals themselves and 11 day hospitals, 3,033 accredited hospitals, as well as ready-ups, laboratories, ambulances and hospitals accredited to ensure quality in medical, hospital and complementary diagnostics offered . The company seeks to bring quality medical services throughout the territory, seeking to expand the service network. Seeking to meet this goal, Unimed Concordia realized it was time to expand and brought to the city a center of images and a clinical analysis laboratory. The new units needed a complete IT and quality framework.


The use of Thin Client allows each workstation to be independent and work individually and independently, for example, with its own desktop. The solution enables centralized management, the head can control all the stations in a single location. Moreover, it has the high performance guarantee, users can play without problems, all simple applications such as internet browsing, spreadsheets, text, etc.

The WeeClient Plus is discreet, compact, low power consumption and with the guarantee of high performance and centralized management. Its VESA standard allows the solution to be coupled behind the monitor screen. The motherboard has 1 Giga Hertz processor, memory 512MB or 1GB of RAM and four USB ports, and input headphone jack, microphone, VGA and HDMI output. The unique solution of ThinNetworks is compatible with industry standard software, including operating systems (OS) and Linux.


The ConexTI, resale ThinNetworks five years ago, is an integrative technology that works with physical infrastructure projects and logic in computer networking, virtualization and computing environments. She is a partner of Unimed for over three years and developed a customized design for the implementation of new IT structure. “We offer a quality solution that met the interests of Unimed,” explains Adinarte Correa, Administrative Manager of ConexTI.

For Unimed, security is an essential item. She needs all stations are monitored and that all information is carefully operated. The Wee Client Plus allows centralized management, everything that happens on workstations is controlled and monitored by the center. The network administrator can easily create custom work environments, each employee will have a workstation with only the necessary applications, optimizing the work. For Fabiana Erlo, IT help Unimed, these features have left the extremely practical management and made Unimed keep the focus of the employee at work.


“The ThinNetworks solution worked properly and met all our needs positively. We have a great company and now we can manage everything from one place, “said Deise Spricigo, Own Services Coordinator Unimed.