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Digital Signage


With tech developments growing by leaps and bounds, the advertising industry has found a new way of spreading their message. Every day digital signage makes more of appearance in our lives from fast food restaurants to doctor’s offices. It helps companies reach more customers and potential customers. Digital signage has the power to capture the attention of a target audience and generate surprising results.

Investment in digital signage is an accurate measure because in addition to capture customers, is a technology that has durability, minimizing costs. Digital signage will account for more than half of all out-of-home (OOH) spending in the United States in three years, according to eMarketer data released in 2015.

Digital signage is used in hold points (such as waiting rooms, shipments rooms, landings, and gas stations), a point of sales, for the dissemination of products and promotions, or anywhere that one wants to attract attention and win customers.

The ThinGlobal will help you stand out in the market with a solution for modern digital signage, exceptionally quality and easy to operate.


ThinGlobal’s new line of Zero Clients, MiniPoint DS and MiniPoint DS Lite devices were developed primarily for the digital signage and video wall market.

The MiniPoint DS line is the only option to showcase digital content while having the best cost-effective price in the market. Featuring its high-performance video card and HDMI output which syncs perfectly with today’s monitors or TVs.

The Minipoint DS device is the best option for digital signage.
Create digital signage anywhere on the network, via the Ethernet port, or locally via USB. The MiniPoint DS device is also a PoE device (power over the ethernet). No need for a power adapter.

The MiniPoint DS Lite has all the features necessary to have digital signage anywhere on your network for a smaller price. The PoE feature is not available with this device.

The MiniPoint Digital Signage line smoothly streams videos in high resolution, with a state of the art performance, all at the best cost-effective price in the market.

MiniPoint DS

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MiniPoint DS Lite

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  • Low cost: Increase profits by decrease spending on an acquisition of hardware.
  • Compact: The MiniPoint is a small device, and mounts behind any screen, discreetly.
  • Durability: Average life span is eight years. Excellent for those who rent digital signage solutions and video wall.
  • High Resolution: Deliver materials in high-resolution HD and with superior performance.
  • Simplified Hardware: The MiniPoint is a device without moving parts such as fans and hard disk drives, thus drastically reducing the need for repairs and maintenance. It is also resistant to hostile environments.
  • Sustainable: Saves the planet, ThinGlobal’s devices reduce energy consumption up to 95% and has minimal waste.
  • Connection via network cable or USB: no need for Internet access. Allowing for uninterrupted content delivery and that takes its contents to network locations without the Internet or a 3G / 4G connection.
  • Support and 1-year warranty.
  • Easy install.
  • Always On, Feature. Keeping the equipment always on.
  • Can be used for digital signage and video wall. Play content from any software package that runs on Windows or Userful.


Extreme Simplicity and Powerful Performance.

Userful is a management software to administer content for digital signage (Userful Multiplatform) and video wall (Userful Network Video Wall ) easily and simply. With Userful’s software, and through a single computer, have up to 30 digital signage screens to 25 screens arranged the way you want wall forming beautiful videos.

  • Userful Network Basic: It is a Linux-based software that easily creates several digital signage displays. Userful Network Basic can have up to 30 displays running from a single computer. Each of the displays can “play” different content such as videos, web pages, HTML5, CMS (Content Management Systems) in the cloud, etc.
  • Userful Network Video Wall: Userful Network Video Wall turns a standard PC (Core i7) into a video wall server which can sit anywhere on the network and deliver a variety of content onto up to 25 full displays. Video walls can be arranged in any orientation allowing for traditional matrix grid style layouts or eye-catching, free-flowing artistic designs with individual screens rotated to any angle. The Userful Network Video Wall allows one to deliver content in a simple and easy way showing up to 4k resolutions.



1 = up to 30 screens

  • No monthly fee.
  • An extremely simple platform, letting anyone to set up and manage the content for digital signage and video wall.
  • Content delivered in real time.
  • The software can be accessed directly from a web navigator and through any device, even tablets, and smartphones.
  • It is the simplest and easiest solution available.
  • Create wall videos at resolutions up to 4K ( Userful Network Video Wall).
  • Create artistic wall videos ( Userful Network Video Wall).

Monitors AnyWhere


Monitors AnyWhere Software that allows one PC to run multiple screens over the network. A straightforward and cost-effective solution that helps to create up to 20 digital signage displays from a single computer based on Windows Desktop.


  • A single, central computer that controls and monitors all displays.

  • Control and Monitor as many as 20 digital signage channels.

  • Work on a user-friendly application to plan and define all digital signage in your establishment.

  • A green economic solution, providing substantial savings in electricity and hardware.