1- The first step is to purchase innovative hardware and software

Many companies hide ordinary computers behind screens to create digital signage. It will not only limit the places where you can place your digital advertising, now you have to conceal a whole computer.

Many systems require software adjustments.  A screen in the lobby may seem like a simple solution. Now, envision, having to send out your tech team every time there is a change in content? Even, with screens, your lobby will lose its sophistication when the head tech has to stand in the middle of the office for the slightest change.

Meet ThinGlobal’s MiniPoint line


The MiniPoint creates an excellent high-resolution digital signage solution, anywhere. Discreet and compact the MiniPoint are mounted behind its displays. Just one ordinary PC, for remote administration, that’s all. Easy and Simple. The MiniPoint controls up to 30 digital signage screens by using Userful’s software.

2- Now, with the right equipment, here are some tips on where to put your digital signage


According to an article published by Digital Signage Today: “Kiosks, for instance, should never be placed in low-traffic areas, direct lines of traffic, nor hidden in any corners. The kiosk is a waste of money if no one is around to interact with it. Kiosks tout the highest engagement when placed off to the side within high-traffic rooms, like the lobby.

Think of traditional digital signage displays; look for places where people are more likely to stay long enough to see their ads.

Medical and dental office waiting rooms are excellent places to put digital signage. Because, like its name, waiting rooms are places where we people will absorb the ads. Don’t put your screen on a wall that faces your employees. Visualize where your clients will directly look and choose this location for your signage.



“It may seem inappropriate but outside bathrooms. It is the most logical installations spots. Everyone has to use the restroom at one point. When they look for the restroom sign, they will also be glancing at the signage on the wall. It just makes sense to promote your digital content there. Not only does it give your company a modern boost but also your audience will love it. As it transmits your ads, when and where viewers pay the most attention and are most likely to see it.” says, Digital Signage Today.

“Checking where you look is the most important thing”, says Digital Signage Today.

So, to wrap up. We have to be aware of two factors in placing digital signage. Where the person is located and where they are looking.

Armed with this knowledge and having the cutting-edge equipment, such as ThinGlobal’s MiniPoint you are on the road to success.

Other Strategic Locations:

Vehicles- Make your audience feel that time is going by faster by keeping them engaged and preoccupied with your digital content. You will be surprised when and where viewers will engage with your ads. So don’t limit your signage to just the lobby. From taxi rides to bus trips, your communications can be their entertainment.


elevador 2

Elevators– It is a place without distractions. You do not have anything else to do but wait and stare. Instead of staring, let us look at the digital signage you cleverly put up.

Snack Bars– Better than a printed menu. It is an extremely attractive ad featuring your products. It’s continuously running while your customers can’t wait to order because of the vast selection.



Schools, Universities and the Gym– Let’s workout to better ourselves. Nothing greater than having a digital sign showing off your products and services that will help us to achieve the life of our dreams.

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